binocular harness for hunting

Hauling around a pair of binoculars can be very difficult for a hunter because they have to walk and run a long way.

Binocular harnesses can be very useful, sometimes just the shoulder strap is prefered and sometimes you need to take the whole binocular harness set with you.

Wearing a simple strap to carry your expensive binoculars isn’t a good idea. A hunter has to do a lot of things at once from keeping an eye at the prey to shooting. A good binocular harness will take good care of your binoculars in the meanwhile. Read The basics of a binocular harness

Why Do You Need To Buy A Binocular Harness??

There are a lot of things that make using a harness a definite necessity.

1. Safety: Imagine you are running with your expensive binoculars in a shoulder or weist strap and you are accidentally dropping any. A shoulder or neck strap can’t provide you with the safety that a harness can. It keeps your binoculars close to your chest, always secure!

2. Comfort: A good harness works by looping around the shoulders which allows the weight to evenly disperse across your body. This keeps your spine healthy and free of pain. A harness makes your job easier and more enjoyable for you.

3. Stability: A harness will not only provide your binoculars with safety but also helps to keep your hands free to hold other equipment. This gives you more space to work a bit better. A harness is designed with straps on two shoulders making a V shape on your chest which makes it easier for you to use the binocular and that’s why it’s more stable in your hand.

4. Improved Reflexes: A harness keeps your binocular at your hands reach. You can grab it in a second to keep your eyes on your aim. When the job is done, you can easily keep it back in the harness.

Uses Of A Harness

A harness can be used in many ways. I’ll write the main uses down below..

General: If you travel difficult terrains like hilly mountain areas more often, a harness will take care of your binoculars from falling off the mountains. The mountains can be full of rocks, you don’t have to put extra attention to save your binoculars from getting damaged on a rock.

Birders: When you are a bird hunter, you need a binocular for must. So you can see birds through it that are flying high. A harness will keep your binocular safe from dropping, hands free for shooting and more comfortable to concentrate on your aim. They can also carry other equipment like a spotting scope or bird identification book.

Hunters: Hunters are responsible for the increased usage and development of harnesses. This is the sector where harnesses are used the most. Because a hunter has to carry a lot of other heavy things like gear, shooting guns. They can’t carry all of those and binoculars at the same time. So a harness keeps their hands free which provides more comfort.

Our Best binoculars for hunting will provide you with clear vision while hunting. Make sure you have a look at these.

Photographers: A photographer always looks for unique and beautiful views to capture. Binoculars make it easy for them to have a better view. When there’s a binocular, you need to think of keeping them safe. A harness provides your binoculars the safety it needs.

Binocular Harness Prices

$20-$50: If you are planning to buy a basic harness, it might cost you around $20-$50. These are comfortable to use and carry the weight of most binoculars.

$50 And Up: These harnesses are designed with their own backpack. They can carry more gear, heavier binoculars and lots of other hunting equipment. The straps will provide more comfort as well.

Which binocular harness you need to buy depends on what type of binoculars you use and what is your work type. There are a lot more things to consider that are mentioned above.


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