Warframe Harrow

Warframe is an online action game. First of all, The game is free-to-play and can be played in conjunction with your friends. It is a fictitious war where you fight alone or team up with your friends against enemies that threaten your world. Harrow is the newest frame in Warframe. It features a diverse array of offensive and defensive capabilities. Banking on these features, harrow can simultaneously protect your team and annihilate enemies that attempt to harm them.

Abilities of Harrow

Like any Warframe, Harrow comes with several abilities. To begin with, its first ability is a condemn. This ability allows Harrow to swing its thurible in order to cast a ghostly afterimage that snares its target and make them motionless and at the same time granting Harrow a shield restore based on the level the Warframe and the ability is.

The next Harrow’s ability is Penance. It allows Harrow to heal your teammates and gain faster fire rates for all its weapons but at the cost of its own shield. Since this involves drain him over shields, you have to wait before you can use both condemn and penance together. Then comes the third ability, which is Thurible. This ability allows Harrow to channel its energy to generate a buff, which restores energy. This ability works when both Harrow and his team stay close allowing him to act as an energy battery for them.

Lastly, the ability comes is the Covenant. With this ability, Harrow protects your nearby allies with an energy shield, which absorbs all incoming damage for a certain amount of time.

Chains of Harrow

Chains of Harrow is probably the last mission you will have access to in the game. After a short time of completing the mission, the player gets the main blueprint of Harrow.


  • Carry at least 9 kinetic Siphon traps. The player needs to bring 20 just in case.
  • Enemy levels: 20-35
  • Prerequisites: For instance, this is the main quest of the war within and completion of the Mot survival level in the void.
  • Reward: Harrow blueprint

Among all other quests in the game, this is to be specific the coolest one. And also, the one with a horror context. It revolves around the “God” of Red Veil fanatics. In this quest, the lighting turns very low. You need not engage too much fighting in this mission. So, don’t worry about leveling weapons here. Just carry a powerhouse weapon to finish the mini-bosses off quickly. You need to move quickly throughout these missions since the “ghost” hunting you and can you kill you pretty quickly. You should also keep a fire lit under your butt most of the time because you cannot harm ghost.

The first couple of missions involve figuring out what is actually going on. So, these are mainly exploratory. After these basic level missions, you will have a series of 3 missions where you have to use kinetic Siphons to trap then damage “emotional fragments” of the ghost who is chasing you.

The final mission will take place in the void where you will use transference to break the chains of Harrow by using only your operator. During the final mission keep your presence invisible with LB the whole time unless you are actively shooting the enemies. In your visible mode, the ghost will fire energy balls at you that can do an extensive damage.

Parts of Harrow

After completing the above chains of Harrow quest, you will be awarded  Harrow blueprint. Warframe harrow build requirements are.

  • One Neuroptics
  • A Chassis
  • 1 System
  • 2,000 Kuva

You will find the parts of this blueprint by participating in specific missions to retrieve Harrow’s Neuroptics, Chassis, and systems. The first of the three parts, his helmets or Neuroptics can be found on the mission node Pago in the Kuva Fortress. The second part which is his chassis can be found as a drop item from Corrupted Void Fissure enemies, and his system can be obtained on Defection missions. Each of the part that is the Neuroptics, Chassis, and system unique to Harrow have their own specific requirements.

Harrow Neuroptics

Harrow Neuroptics requirements are:

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1,500 Rubedo
  • 4,000 Polymer Bundle
  • 2,000 Plastids
  • 5 Neural Sensors

Harrow Chasis

One can gain the Chassis of Harrow from killing enemies that void Fissures have corrupted. These enemies drop a blueprint for the Chassis. The components of the Chassis blueprint include:

  • 15,000 credits
  • 20,000 Alloy Plates
  • 800 Oxium
  • 5 Orokin Cells

Harrow systems

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2,500 Circuits
  • 1,000 Cryotics
  • 25,000 Ferrites
  • 15 Control Modules

To this end, after obtaining all of these components, you have everything in your arsenal to build the Harrow Warframe and start taking it into fights.

Indeed, it may seem a lot of efforts involve for a single frame. However, based on the Warframe abilities alone, it looks like putting in the time will be well worth it. By playing through different missions, you will find most of the parts organically. So, you may find yourself collecting the necessary components without even realizing it.


Harrow is the name of a new WarFrame released from Digital Extremes. Since you are looking for this warFrame, we hope this article will help you a lot. The third-person looter shooter is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Enjoy!


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