Minecraft Horses

Minecraft has its own different dimension of fan who is particularly fond of the horses. Ever since the initial release of the horses in 2013, fans have been researching and perfecting their art of horse riding and horse maintaining. The horse is very powerful in the game and can easily take out a lot of work out of the way.

introductionAs the best and fastest way of transportation in the game, the horses are becoming more and more popular. Different trainers are trying to EV breed them to get the best possible horse throughout the game. So, we are here to enlighten you about this majestic creature and guide you through everything you need to know about these horses.

Minecraft At A Glance

Minecraft is a creative gaming platform that allows the user to build his own world with the help of blocks. A Swedish developer developed the game in 2011 and has since gained wide fan followings. The critics have praised the creative concept of the game and how it allows the user to take control of their own world.

There are several of activity that you can take part of in the game. From crafting, arts, fighting, combating and horse riding, everything has its own specialty in the game and it has opened a new type of gaming perspective to the world.

History of Minecraft Horse

The game developer announced the usage of the horses in 2012 but they did not go with the plan and the fans were really disappointed. But, the 2013’s April edition finally added horses with only two type of variety. The horse was kind of glitchy at the beginning and would get out of control of the user. The next adaptation and newer updates slowed down the horses and took care of the gliding errors.

Next installments saw more and more horse type coming into the set. The developers introduced breeding process as well as the feeding mechanism. They announced that non-usable type of horses would become available and so they designed the Zombie horse. New updates have come with better armor quality and armor functionality.

Design of the Minecraft Horse

designThe horses have got a starting life of 15 hearts and these can get an edit as the player wishes with the necessary armor and food items. The adult horse has a height of 1.6 blocks and can be as wide as 1.4 blocks. They vary in color from white, brown, grey to black. The design was simplistic with different modes getting different color patterns.

The riders have to option to desert the horse to choose a different ride as his own color preferences. The skeleton horse and the zombie horse also have their own color and design options. The baby horses are around .8 blocks high and .6 block wide. The babies are in the similar color combination as the adults.

Types of Minecraft Horse

MinecraftThere are five types of horses that are currently available in the Minecraft game. Each of them has their own twist and own characteristic and color pattern. Let’s look at all the major types


The horse is the most common and easily available types. There comes in various colors and can usually jump higher. It has a great swap rate and great drop rate as well. Users can modify and breed the horse according to the need.


Donkeys are almost as same as the horse. They have similar breeding ways and similar spawning ways. They are somewhat different in the looks as they have bigger ears and their sound is also different. Donkeys are particularly good at climbing without any potion.


Mules are rather hard to get in the game than the horse and the donkeys. You have to breed a horse and a donkey together in a regulated environment to get the mule. You cannot get a mule by breeding two mules together which one of the greatest downside. With the use of the mule, you can collect variant color patterns.

Skeleton Horse

Skeleton horses are extremely rare to get. You can create it if the horse is in the right place at the right time and struck by the lightning. The best thing about skeleton horses is that they are very easy to tame. They will not get out of hand when you take them to the water. They will not drown if you take them to the water.

Zombie Horse

Zombie horses are also very rare to be spawned. You can only create them with the command of the eggs and have a very low ratio of spawning. They cannot be used by the users properly. The best thing about zombie horse is that they do not burn in the sunlight and they do not frighten the villagers. They are in control of the owner of the herd.

How to Tame a Minecraft Horse?

tameFirstly, you need to understand that not all the horses can be tamed. You can tame only the adult horses. The babies cannot be ridden or tamed. Plus, you cannot tame a skeleton horse or any zombie horses.

You need to get on top of the horse without any equipment. You have to try to mount the horse again and again and wait for the right signs. If the horse is tamed then it will no longer try to throw you off of its back. Plus, a heart sign will appear when the horse is properly tamed and ready to be used by you.

It is crucial for a horse to be tamed. Unless you tame a horse, you cannot breed it with another horse and you cannot ride it properly. To get better chances of taming the horse, you need to feed it. The temper of the horse will gradually decrease as much as you feed the horse. Once you feel like you have fed the horse enough, you should start trying to ride it.

How to Breed a Minecraft Horse?

breedingThere are specific breeding and spawning techniques for each of the horse types. You need to know there if you want to collect them all. Let’s have a look at it


You need to breed two horse in a customized environment to get the baby. The baby has a random chance of getting a particular color pattern.


You can get a Donkey by putting together a male and a female donkey. As there are no different colors available for the donkey, you will get the same color.


Mules are not naturally spawned and you cannot find these in the wild. In order to get mules, you need to breed a horse and a donkey together. Even two mules cannot bring you a new mule.

Zombie Horse

Zombie horses can only be created by the command of the egg and it has very little spawning ratio.

Skeleton Horses

Skeleton horses can be created if your horse gets struck by the lightning. It does not have any variant colors.

Uses of The Horse

When you properly tame and saddle a horse, you can use it as a transportation medium. Horses are probably the speediest way to travel in the Minecraft territory. If you are able to properly train them, then you can get bonus level added to your travel speed.

You can also use the horse to climb hills or trees. There is some specific horse that can easily jump and cover three to five blocks. So, it makes it easier for the player to climb with the help of the horses. You can farther equip the horse to climb even faster.

There is some variant of the horse that floats in the water so you can use those as the means for water transportation as well in a very specific area. Donkeys can be used as pack animals as well if you invest some equipment in it.

Fastest Horses in Minecraft

fastestThe speed of each horse in Minecraft is completely randomized so you cannot make sure which horse would be faster and which ones would be slower. The computer-generated code makes sure about the attributes of the horses.

However, if you put two fast parents in the breeding hatch then you have a higher chance of getting a faster egg. You need to implement a long-term EV breeding program in order to secure getting a faster horse.

Color Option for the Horses

colorsThere are about 35 colors that are available for the users. The colors are random and you cannot select the color. However, the baby born of the parents have a higher chance of getting the color type of his/her parents and more speed and stats. The most common type of colors found in the game are white, bay, black, brown, dapple gray, and dark bay. The skeletons have usually white colors, the donkeys are black and the zombies are green.

Minecraft Horse Feeding Chart

feedingSpecific diet supplement for the horses can alter the way they behave. So, you need to feed them specific things in order to get specific results from them. Here is a basic concept of which food item does what to them.

  • Sugar can increase the speed of the horse for 30 seconds and can also increase the temper by a plus-three margin. It also recovers some of the health.
  • Wheat can be used to heal more digits and also provide some temporary speed boost as well. It increases the temper of the horse as well.
  • Apple is another effective food at recovering back some health and give 1 minute worth of speed boost.
  • Golden Apple is one of the most effective food items for speed boost as it gives you 4 minute worth of speed and also heals and tames the horse.
  • The golden carrot is a good food for the horse as it allows the horse to get back some health and be tamer by +5 digits.
  • Hay Bale is undoubtedly the best food item for the horses if you are trying to heal. It recovers back health by 20 points and also allows a speed boost of 3 minutes.

Update on the Minecraft Horse

updateFans of the Minecraft series have been asking for an update for the horses for a long long time. They want greater graphical imagery of the horses and want a control over the zombie horses. The developers have announced a probable update where they will increase the longevity of the horses and as well as the functionality.

The new horses will be equipped with more armor and equipment sets. Plus, there is a buzz about more egg types and color combinations as well for the users to enjoy. The new update might also bring new types of horses for different purposes as well.

Armor Details of the Minecraft Horse

The armors in the game are specially for the horses. Only horses are able to wear them and the other types such as the skeleton, zombie, and donkey are unable to wear them. It gives the horse more protection power and can be used on several occasion. The armor for the horse can be reused again and again so it is a onetime investment. There are basically two type of usage of the Horse armor

  • Protection: You can use the armor as a mean to protect your horse. It can give the horse more longevity and protect it from outside attracts.
  • Smelting: The smelting effect can allow the user to produce new elements from the armor.


The world of horse taming and horse breeding in Minecraft is one of the most enjoyable things ever. It takes patience but the end value is more than worth it. The horse can be the most useful tool in the game if you breed one properly. Plus, collecting the horses at all of the color schemes is also a very fun activity.

We hope that our article will help you in your journey in the land of Minecraft. Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any queries of your own. Until then, have a nice time.


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