shower faucet types

It is tough to choose a shower faucet than you think. If you want to choose the best shower faucet for your bathroom, it is important to know different kind of faucet which is not an easy task. Trouble-free and pleasing shower depends highly on the variety of faucet.

There are different kinds of shower faucets based on the handle, valve, material, and many more. You have to choose your faucet according to your budget and bathroom space. For the perfect shower faucet, you will also have to consider the water pressure, type and configuration and accessories.

Types of Shower Faucets

  • Shower only faucet
  • Tub combo and shower faucet
  • Tub filler
  • Body sprayer
  • Shower head
  • Shower system
  • Handheld shower

1. Shower valves

The most important element in the wall which is not seen is called valve. Longevity and performance depends on this valve. It controls the flow of the tap by a handle and wall plate.  There are two types of diverters and control valves.

2. Temperature control valves

When we use nearby sink or toilet, the pressure of the water drops suddenly or it may become too cold or too hot but temperature controlling valves help to maintain the temperature according to our desire. Thermostatic valves keep the temperature in control with a device which stops the flow when necessary. Sometimes scald guard protects us from sudden flow of hot or cold water when we use nearby sink or toilet. This technology helps us to avoid unexpected burns from hot water. Valves with manual options help us to get rid of such problems.

3. Pressure controlling valves

This valve is used to control the pressure of the water flow. Spring gasket controls the flow as a stopper which has screws to help this. There is a cartridge which shares the connection with handles. When we turn the handle this allows the hot and cold water to mingle at once. We have many advantages through the vibrating piston which help us to control the output by producing the pressure of hot and cold water that pushes the piston. Sudden drop of the pressure of cold water will vibrate this piston to reduce the flow of hot water which maintain the temperature.

4. Configuration and type

We can choose all-in-one combination or solo head shower which provides both bathtub faucet and shower tap. There are five major types of shower taps including rain showers, several shower heads, single head, body spray, and single head spray.

5. Rain showers

These heads spray water in line and directly swing the water above us. These showers are flat and wide in size and gives us a particular area for bathing.

6. Multiple shower heads

There is more than one shower head in a dual or several heads. They are wall mounted and controlled by levels or a pair of handles. Diverted valves permit us to use shower head or both at once.

7. Body spray faucets

These shower taps with several spray heads can be set into the wall. These sprays are flat or compact nozzles also flush with the surface.

8. Single head spray

There are four nozzles or more which dispense the water. a small lever adjusted in this to change the pattern of the flow and the nozzles are adjustable. It has become popular because of its luxury features, patterns and reasonable price.

9. Hand held shower heads

This shower head has a single sprayer which is connected to a hose and the hose is easy to move. This is hard to move it to different places and it’s easy to wash your hair. It is more useful for users with limited portability. You can spray by aiming your point on body easily and rinse down your shower area.

10. Shower or tub combo faucet

Many people in this world use the tub combo faucet in their apartment. It has a shower head and wall mounted spout. Both share the diverter and handle and the lever or button controls the water flow between the shower and the tub.

11. Shapes and sizes of shower head

The size of the ceiling unit is 3-20 inches or more which gives you the feel of a shower in gentle and warm rain.  You can find square, rectangular or circular shaped showerheads. The number and quality of spray channels in a mini shower head can give you much better water flow than a big and low quality shower head.

12. Shower faucet materials

The material is an important thing to concern about your shower faucet. The most expensive and long lasting faucet is made of solid brass which gives a classical look. Popular and cheaper faucets are made of iron, aluminum and copper and the material is low. Thus, we have to pay more cost in future by using those faucets. To repair or replace the faucet regularly, it is better to increase your budget and use a brass faucet.


To cool off or warm up or get ourselves clean, the shower has become a necessity for us. Among other fixtures the shower faucet is our first priority. It gives us a peaceful and comfortable bath so it should be bought after much thinking that which faucet can gives us our comfort. So, you need to identify the types of faucet which helps you to choose a right one.


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