How To Get To Pandaria

If you already played the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, I know that you definitely love the game. It’s tricky, tough yet exciting. You will get hundreds of thousands of quests there. And as the quests continue, you will go further and further away from the ‘center.’ In short, you will get the quest after quest.

But you heard a lot about Pandaria, right? It is a virtual place in a World of WarCraft game. The place is full of mystic fog since the separation of more than ten thousand years ago. The ancient kingdom of Pandaria has damaged by the wars. Its lush forestry and cloud-ringed mountains are home to a sophisticated environment of native races and so many unusual creatures. It is the homeland of the mysterious Pandaren, World of Warcraft’s first neutral race, a race that celebrates their life to fullest even while under siege by a prehistoric threat.

About Pandaria

Pandaria is a new continent and it is in the south of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. It is the motherland of the Pandaren and origin of their ancient empire. It’s a beautiful place to hover around, lovely flowery stuff, eminently playable; it feels great being an outsider in an utterly distant land. You’ll like the whole bamboo forest Asian feel. The regions vary in mood, for example, some of the areas are exotic yet peaceful. On the other hand, others are much darker and frightening in tone. Various real-life Eastern Asian cultures influenced the entire gameplay.

Sometimes you may wonder “how do I get to Pandaria”? Or, if there any quest chain that leads to Pandaria? If so, what’s the name of the quest to start the chain and where do you get it? Well, I am writing this blog to answer these and some other questions.  As a matter of fact, some of them haven’t popped up in your mind yet.

Why Would You Want to Go Pandaria?

Pandaria consists of a lot of hidden treasures, items, and stuff, that’s why WOW players are always eager to go there. I have listed some major attractions in Pandaria.

  • Treasures of Pandaria
  • Rare Spawns Rewards
  • Additional Elites Spawns

Treasures of Pandaria

There are a lot of treasures around Pandaria, ranging from cheap gray items to exclusive transmog items. Finding those items will give you credit towards two different achievements: Is Another Man’s Treasure and Riches of Pandaria. Finding those items with a character that is leveling rewards practice, to be specific, you can loot only once. Treasures part of Riches of Pandaria are always up for every character to loot, while treasures from You can only get this treasure through just one character at a time, so finding them is a bit tougher, but it also rewards you with the title %s the Relic Hunter. If you can find 20 of the lost treasures hidden throughout Pandaria, you will be granted the title of the Relic Hunter.

Rare Spawns Rewards

Mists are one of the great extensions for gamers who love rare spawns, as it has dozens of different rarest spawns added all over its patches. All rare items in Pandaria have a different reward, be it a different transmog, toy, or mount, there is always something to find.

From the rare, you can find items like the pet Sunreaver Micro-Sentry,  Ai-Li’s Skymirror, which allows you to turn yourself into someone else’s appearance,  Elixir of Ancient Knowledge that level up the experience gained and can be used by alts, and Mr. Smite’s Brass Compass that turns you into a Mr. Smite.

Additional Elites Spawns

There are a slight number of extra elite spawns as well around Pandaria. They are not ‘rare’ elites since they don’t have a silver portrayal, but still produce exciting rewards.

This game expansion introduced a new character class, the monk, as well as a new playable race, the Pandaren, and several additional raids, dungeons, a new battleground. Moreover, it includes a new arena.

How to Get to Pandaria?

Pandaria Map

Getting to Pandaria depend upon your wish, meaning you can go to Pandaria anytime you wish, but to quest there, you need to be at level 85 at least.

In brief, you will get to Pandaria through a portal in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, that usually pops up in the game automatically once you have reached level 85, as long as you have the Mists client key on your account. Alternatively, if you hover over a zone on the map screen, it will tell you the suggested level you should be to quest there.

Players will get to Pandaria through new quests from Orgrimmar and Stormwind. The quests are brief and easy to make sure players can get into Pandaria as quickly as possible. Primarily, quest endeavor past the mists on gunships stationed in capital cities at level 85. There will be no straight and traditional way of accessing Pandaria later like zeppelins or airships and will be connected to the rest of the world by portals to the Jade Forest.

For the Alliance, the portal to Pandaria is placed at the TushuiPandaren camp, the Eastern Earthshrine in Stormwind City is nearby, and guides to Paw’don Village. For the Horde, it is situated at the HuojinPandaren camp right inside of the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar and guides to Honeydew VillageLet me clarify the paths for you: (I have mentioned the path from Dalaran too in both ways)

How to Get to Pandaria From Org (Orgrimmar)?

Orgrimmar is the central city of the Horde. Head to this city,if you are in the Undercity, you can ride a zeppelin straight to Orgrimmar. (If you are in Dalaran, you can use the portal inside the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary), fly, ride or walk to the Valley of Honor. It is the farthest east part of Orgrimmar. Then go to the camp of the Huojin Pandaren. Look around for the giant hot air balloon fastened by a rope. The camp is nearly in the precise center of the Valley of Honor. Now Click on the portal in front of Ji Firepaw the Panda.

How to Get to Pandaria From SW (Stormwind)?

Stormwind is the capital city of Alliance. Head to this city, if you are in Ironforge, you may take the Deep run Tram found in Tinker Town. (You can use the portal inside the Silver Enclave if you are in Dalaran.)Fly, ride or walk to the Eastern Earthshrine. It is levitating on an island, outside of the of Stormwin’s wall, northwest of Stormwind Keep. Now click on the mage portal cast by Ang the Wise. Once your mouse off the entrance, a tooltip pops up on your screen will say, “Portal to Paw’don Village.”

Where the Portal to Pandaria is Located?

In Orgimmar, there is a portal to Pandaria (You will get it only if you go there and get back once), in the Valley of Honor. As a matter of fact, the portal to Pandaria (besides the air balloon) is only available to characters that have gone through the Pandaria intro quests at level 85. The other opportunity is to find a mage that can get you a portal to the Shrine in Pandaria.

You can note that, as like as the World’s End Tavern in the Lower City of Shattrath, Dalaran has a portal to Caverns of Time too, for quick and easy entree to southern Kalimdor. This portal can be found on the second floor of the Violet Citadel. Also, you will be able to talk to Zidormi, an NPC standing in front of the portal to also teleport to the Caverns of Time.

It’s awesome to go to this panda land and establish your Hearthstone to have access to the most of Azeroth with their various portals.

Things You Need to Do for WOW Pandaria Flying

Pandora FlyingFlying capability can be achieved at level 90only, so you can not fly inside of Pandaria unless you reach at level 90, or unless you have a friend with level 90 and with a more than 2-seater flying stand.

If you want to fly in Pandaria, you will have to learn “Wisdom of the Four Winds” first. The flying trainer at your faction’s city in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, named Skydancer Shun, can teach you the flying lessons, he is the flight trainer for the Horde and can be found on the landing stage at the Shrine of Two Moons in the north.

And if you are in the Alliance, then CloudrunnerLengwill be your flying trainer, and he can be found at the Shrine of Seven Stars in the south-east. Please note, you’ll have to be Expert Riding (first level flying) to be able to fly in Pandaria.

A player can return to Pandaria by taking the portal next to the monk trainer in Stormwind. Once you have Completed the Quest “All Aboard,” just outside the main portal circle. You took the “All Aboard” quest and fell from the airship after accepting the “Paint it Red” quest. You may hit the ground and hearthed; it will take you back to Orgrimmar. There’s a teleport in Stormwind to Pandaria. When you get out, there should be a man talking close to you. He is able to teleport you back on the ship. You may go to Garrosh Hellscream, and he will assign you the quest “The Art of War.”

Hence you are not finding the quest or place you want, you can always get the help from the WOW forums.

First and foremost, Pandora’s story is very well written. Next, the voice acting was whimsical, and the gameplay is intense and addictive. To be sure you have a lot to do there. Then, the world around you will feel just alive! Once you start playing in there, it would feel like you wish to stay and explore the place as much as you possibly can.

ConclusionNow go to Pandaria and join the ranks of your choice. For instance, the Horde or the Alliance are there. Subsequently, after you arrive the battle steeping on Pandaria’s shores and solve the mysteries of the lost continent. As a result, you will discover the dark secrets of Pandaria’s past.


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