How to Win Pubg Solo

For the hardcore gamers out there, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – PUBG is a game set in a battle royale style and is set on the premise of a similar game H1Z1: King of the Kill; DayZ and the amazing movie The Hunger Games. The players are dropped on an island and have to fight to be the last one surviving.

Whether playing on Xbox, PC or PUBG mobile, here is a brief intro and strategies which highlight the best way to win as a single player. So, it’s time to know how to win pubg solo!

Break Down of the Game – Introduction to PUBG

The game play is quite thrilling – there are three maps of the island: Erangel, Sanhok and Miramar. The choice of players is also yours, you can decide whether to play solo, duo or in a group of four players. The game can handle a load of up to a hundred players. The players are parachuted down to the island with nothing but their clothes on different locations. How you survive and how you choose to play the game is up to you.

pubg map

The very first thing you do after landing is LOOTING. It is collecting weapons, armor and healing materials from the nearby areas. It is randomly distributed around the map and you never know what you find and where, but some areas are likely to have better ‘loot’ than the rest. Its your choice to land somewhere dangerous and with better chance of acquiring loot or somewhere quiet and safe with a low chance of getting better loot. The loot that you obtain determines the strategies of your moves; if you have a shotgun let’s say, you will have to focus on targeting close range encounters. If you’ve found a rifle and an 8x scope, shoot from a distance and stay on high areas and mountains.

Shortly after looting, the Play Area for all the players will be defined on the map, a large circle will be placed randomly onto the map and once inside, the game will continue as normal. The area outside the circle is the BLUE ZONE. If you’re caught inside the blue zone, your health will drain out until you have no more left. Your chances of survival are therefore decreased. The circle reduces in size in different phases of the game. This means the play area is decreasing in radius. This encourages the players to keep moving and it also makes it harder to stay hidden for too long.

There is a lot more to PUBG then just staying within the play area. It is a battlefield and every move counts. Its up to you if you hideout in a building, climb hilltops or snipe on your enemies from a higher ground. The sounds you make also count; if you are running through the fields, driving a truck or simply climbing the stairs, your presence is obvious to other players.  You need to defend yourself In these situations because staying quite isn’t always possible and the players close by will know if you’re trying to get somewhere fast or simply walking by.

Going Solo – What it means?

pubg solo

Going into the battlegrounds on your own as a one man squad in a PUBG match is an unnerving challenge. You will be going against 99 other players in a quest for survival with a vast map to navigate, get the appropriate loot by collecting weapons and ammunition and get rid of your foes in all stages of the game – early, mid and late.

With you calling the shots on your own with no squad to back you up, you have to stay confident in your decisions.  Here are some tactics and tips on how to win PUBG Solo with some Chicken Dinners on your hands.

Early Game

early game

As explained in the intro, the first moves to begin your match are landing, looting and getting to a good hideout. Playing solo, get your position right, get the right weapons and running to the safe zone should be your top priority.

Positioning: Knowing where you are

Land far from hot-zones

As explained in the intro, the first moves to begin your match are landing, looting and getting to a good hideout. Playing solo, get your position right, get the right weapons and running to the safe zone should be your top priority.

Where you land on the island is crucial. If you decide to parachute down in a crowded area in search of good weapons, you might need to hold your nerve and be extra cautious. It is better to land in a quieter zone and work your way into the match rather than landing in on grenades and blazing guns.

Buildings can be a trap and end in death. Enemies can camp you inside easily especially if there no way to escape other than stairs. Moreover, your foes can be waiting outside the building for the fresh loot and wipe you out in no time.

As explained in the intro, the first moves to begin your match are landing, looting and getting to a good hideout. Playing solo, get your position right, get the right weapons and running to the safe zone should be your top priority.

Equip yourself: even of you don’t get your hands on a Sniper rifle, a shotgun or a pistol are effective to get you through the early game and finish off your enemies.

It is okay to be in danger in the early game as you need to prioritize getting weapons and positioning yourself in an advantageous position.

Plan your way through the circle

pubg blue zone

Navigating the circle is another key in good positioning. If you are patrolling the edges you can easily kill off any enemies who are running into the circle desperate to survive and flank off the ones in the centre by catching them off-guard. However there are certain disadvantages too, if the next circle is not within a good range, you will be increasing your travel distance greatly and you’ll be running through a densely populated enemy area leading to your death.

Make sure your position in the circle is so that you have ample time to make moves and reposition yourself whenever necessary.

It is extremely crucial to not stay put and keep moving. Also look for high grounds and places where you are out of sight and the enemy is in your sight.

Use auditory cues to your advantage and close in on your enemies if you hear gunshots or feet running close by.

Engagements: Knowing what you do

Are you making the right move? Is this shot worth taking? Am I taking a risk? Will this expose me to the enemies?

These are some vital questions you need to ask yourself while you are in the mid and late game especially.

Make sure you aren’t getting into fights and all your aggressive moves have a good reason behind them.

Surviving in the mid-late game

When the survivor population drops down, you need to plan your way deeper into the game. Position yourself in a way that you know where your enemy might appear.

Engage your enemy in crossfire and ambush them right after they appear out of the gun fight to increase your chances of reaching the last ten survivors.

Limit your number of engagements by staying by the outer edge of the safe zone.

If you manage to reach the final three, the late game, it is very important to gain as much information as possible. Whereabouts of the enemy and keeping a safe distance is key. So is not dying at the hands of a dumb move with only two enemies watching you. This means do not go for a good weapon out in the open and put you at risk of being gunned down so far into the game.

Weapons: Know your tools throughout the game

In the early game, shotguns and pistols are worth it. Don’t underestimate these weapons as they can lead you well into the battlefield.

SMGs, Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles are the best weapons at your disposal and they are effective at any range. Try acquiring these by mid game to increase your chances of survival.

Assault Rifles can help you be victorious and it is necessary to have a sniper rifle as a secondary option.


Vehicles are also scattered across the map. Buggies, vans, motorcycles and 4×4 off road vehicles along with water vehicles like jet-skis can be found along the edges of the island. You can use these to your advantage as per requirement.

In battle royale, being the last man standing is the ultimate goal. You may not win at first in a Solo Match but after a few games if you quickly loot an area, master your weapon and fight your way to the top ten, you can secure the #1 position in no time.

Good luck and see you in the battlefield!


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