Kingdom: Two Crowns is an indie sidescrolling strategy game that provides an incredible atmosphere using beautiful pixel art textures and amazing music. You assume the role of a Monarch on his horse and join a realm willing to support a Kingdom. Then you throw gold at the peasant farmers and transform them into your loyal followers to make your Kingdom prosper. You must protect your realm in the evening from the greedy monsters that seek to grab your crown and coins, and investigate the nearby mystical forests to find cryptic and curious artifacts to help your realm.

Guide To Kingdom Two Crowns

This Kingdom: Two Crowns guide will try to clarify every dilemma and give as many details as possible about the game. It will also involve tips on how to win the game and what you must to do to get all the trophies in the game.

1. Basics

The game works on a day and night cycle, where you develop and expand your Kingdom during the day and protect it from enemy attacks at night. The longer that you stay alive, the harder the game becomes. If an enemy hits your monarch, you’ll lose a percentage of coins approximately equal to that attack. If you get punched when you do not have coins, your crown will be knocked from your head.

If it drops into the sea or an enemy successfully steals it, then you will end up losing that crown. A crownless monarch might still pick up and throw coins as usual but will not be able to buy anything. If all monarchs lose their crowns then you will lose the game.

2. Islands

Islands in Kingdom Two are chunks of land surrounded by a sea, river and a hill where the monarch sets up permanent bases to stay alive from the Greeds, develop the economy and annihilate the cave in the mountains. The Monarch can advance with the boat between such islands and will sometimes have to revisit a certain island a few times to achieve his goal.

It’s a wise idea to clear the dock gateway and build a lighthouse before leaving an island to avoid wrecking the ship every time. When the Monarch is far from an island, the structures that are begin to decay. The longer you’re away, the more destroyed or degraded the structures become. There are five islands in the game, and the first one is only accessible when you start the game.

3. Currencies

There are two main types of currencies in this game.

  • Coins are the game’s main currency and are needed to hire subjects, build defensive lines and advance in general. You can obtain coins in several different ways, but you can carry only a limited quantity in your pouch before it fills up. Any coins that fall of your pouch will either be dropped on the field or thrown into the water instantly.
  • Gems are the game’s secondary currency and are needed to trigger certain structures in the game. They can be discovered only in chests with gems. Gems are placed in the same pouch as coins but require a lot more space. When hit, gems will be thrown out of your pouch if you do not have any coins. They can be taken away by Greeds, but will never fall into the ocean.

4. Enemies

Greeds are the game’s main enemies. They are angry little thieves who, for some reason, are always trying to take away your stuff. They’re going to assault you and your subjects and take away your health and money. They steal any coins and equipment that they can find and then return to the nearest security portal.

Portals are huge, rocky gates found in the woods, and are the key spawning points for your enemies. Portals are usually locked during the day, but reopen at night to let attackers out, and will open when attacked. When they are locked, portals can be crossed safely, but if they are opened, they will unleash Greeds to attack everything that goes near them.

5. Subjects

There are many loyal subjects in this game such as:

  • Peasant – When you give a coin to a vagabond, he will become a peasant and will go to the heart of your Kingdom where he will be waiting for a job. Peasants are the people who do not have a role in your Kingdom. If there are tools available, peasants will hurry over and take them to do the work correlated with these tools;
  • Workers – Peasants can grab hammers and after that will become workers then. The workers will build structures, create heavy arms, cut trees and rebuild your Kingdom;
  • Farmers – Peasants can pick scythes and after that will become farmers and then will go to the closest available farm and establish a crop field. They’ll grow and gather coins for you during the day. They will run back behind the walls of your Kingdom for protection at night or will stay on their farm if it’s a level 2 farm;
  • Archers – Peasants can take bows and after that will become archers. Archers roam between your external walls and the wilderness during the day, hunting deer and rabbit. They run back to the external walls at night to protect the Kingdom;
  • Squires – Peasants can take shields and after that will become squires;
  • Knights – Squires can grab swords and after that will become knights. The main difference between knights and squires is unknown.

6. Hermits

The hermits will spawn from their corresponding hermit shack and can be taken with you for one coin. The hermit will allow you to improve a particular level and type of structure into new structures with a completely different function while he is carried around with you. All of the hermits can be taken with you by teleporter if they are with you on your mount, and when you depart from an island, all currently living hermits will automatically be taken to the boat.

Below you can find what types of hermits you can find in this game:

  • Ballista Hermit – The Ballista Hermit is a crouched man with a strange, feathered hat and brown robes. They allow the Monarch to covert normal towers into ballista towers that have significantly improved range. The ballista tower is operated by a builder who permanently remains in the tower.
  • Bakery Hermit – The Bakery Hermit is an old man with a cooking cap and an apron. He enables the transformation of towers into bakeries. At a bakery, the Monarch can buy bread loaves while the bakery can have up to seven loaves stored. That attracts vagabonds to come from their camps to consume fresh bread. This is a simple way to attract villagers, as the vagabonds start to arrive right after they show up from their settlements.
  • Knight Hermit – The Knight Hermit seems like an elderly man with a long, grey beard. He enables the Monarch to transform a tower into a knight’s tower where a villager can be converted to a squire/knight by buying a shield. Just three knights can be carried onboard the boat to the next area.
  • Horn Hermit – The Horn Hermit will create war horns on high stone walls. These horns could be used to call reinforcement for only one coin, drawing the army units from the entire map. Because all the reinforcements are attracted to those walls, it is recommended that these warhorns must be used with care.
  • Stable Hermit – The Stable Hermit transforms a fully constructed farm into a stable to hold your mounts inside. The Monarch will then be able to ride new mounts from the stable at will. However, every crop field except one will be lost and the farmers will need to work somewhere else. All mounts unlocked during your playthrough will be located here, even if you left them on some other island.

7. Seasons

The game cycle through four seasons, while each of them has its impact on your Kingdom. A season takes about 16 days, and all four seasons take a total of 64 days to rotate. The rotation of seasons gets longer as time passes on, making it difficult for even the most experienced players to stay on one island for a long time. You can find more information about each season below:

  • Spring – The opening season is spring. The grass will start to regrow during spring, spawning wherever it can on the land. This will make deer and rabbits reappear again, while farms will resume working.
  • Summer – The only distinction between spring and summer is that vegetation no longer spawns while it is summer.
  • Fall – Current grass will start to decay during the fall.
  • Winter – All the grass is gone during the winter, and there will be no more deer spawning while the farms will be frozen, leaving you without any opportunity to make money during winter. Your best option is to start preparing long before, so you can survive it.

8. Mounts

Monarch begins his voyage on a horse with average speed and endurance, and no unique ability. This horse can be exchanged by a wide range of mounts, where each of them has specific predetermined benefits and handicaps.

Acquiring a new mount will always cost you from one to four gems, and when unlocked you can mount them by paying a certain sum of coins. When shifting to another mount you will need to pay the same amount of coins to switch back.

All Kingdom Two Crown mounts can sprint but this will deplete their stamina. If your mount is without stamina, you must wait until it recovers its stamina entirely before you can run again.

Below are the types of mounts which will appear in this game:

  • The Regular Horse – With regular horse the Monarch starts his campaign and it has average stamina and speed.
  • The Superior Horse – The superior horse is located on an open area with a fence. It has no unique capabilities and has variable stamina and speed.
  • Stag – The stag is located in between two rock lanterns with a small waterfall. For the low price of only one gem and few coins, the stag is an amazing mount. It is one of the best mounts in the game in terms of movement, with the highest walking and sprinting speed in the woods, while still maintaining reasonable overall stamina.
  • The Warhorse – The warhorse is located in a deserted battlefield with the corpse of a fallen soldier. Once it starts running, the warhorse will buff all surrounding soldiers. Buffed soldiers will flash brightly for ten seconds during which they will not take any hits from enemies, making it easy to turn the tide of a tough battle. This buff can be used again after 20 seconds.
  • The Bear – The bear is located in the woods near its den. It is a big brown bear that moves at an average speed and sprints fast in the woods, but has extremely low stamina even though it recovers itself relatively quickly. During the sprint, the big bear deals with any damage to any rabbits and deer it encounters, making it easy to hunt without any aid of archers.
  • The Lizard – The lizard is a slow and huge mount, capable of spitting fire. It has poor stamina but has a walking speed that is greater than usual. Its speed gain is not achieved by riding over grass, but by relaxing under the sun. This makes it impossible for the lizard to receive a speed boost when it is night. The lizard takes a moment to wind up before he attacks and then produces a huge fire pit that ignites any monsters that pass over it.
  • The Griffin – The griffin consumes a rat when it is grazing at any ground. The Griffin is a great mount for roaming and exploring because it can graze everywhere and during all seasons. It’s always located on the first island, crashing from the sky the first time you reach its location. Because you can’t get any gems on the first island you have to travel to other islands and then return to get griffin.
  • The Unicorn – The unicorn is a unique mount that attracts three coins each time it grazes. The unicorn sprints on the open ground faster than the regular horse, and has also the same stamina stats like a horse. Unicorn is located by the big tree with mushrooms and flowers on the ground, with a magic-like sound in the distance.

9. Structures

When you pay for a structure, one or two random workers will be appointed to build it, regardless of the place or time, so be careful about your construction demands late in the day or in the evening. Below are some of the most important structures in this game:

  • Towers – The towers are built to give a tactical advantage to your archers over your enemies because The Greeds can not destroy towers. Once a tower is constructed, the archers assigned to it will be selected at random.
  • Walls – Walls will stop spreading of grass and postpone any enemy’s progress. They are constructed to keep the Greeds away, while your archers or other troops kill them. The higher the level the wall is, the more foes can hit before it collapses. Archers and other troops will protect your two outer walls at night. Workers who have no designated duty shall automatically fix broken walls during the day.
  • Town Center – Your Town Center is your main operational base and the place where you will buy equipment for your loyal subjects. When you buy improvements for your Town Center it will immediately upgrade, indicating that you do not need workers to build it.
  • Farms – Farms can not be demolished by The Greeds, and are built to give your farmers a job. The number of farmers who can inhabit each farm varies based on whether or not there is sufficient space on the farm for farmers to build their crop fields, with a maximum number of four farmers per one farm. Once a farm is constructed, the farmers appointed to it are selected at random.

How To Get All The Trophies

Below are a few tips on how to get all of the trophies in the game.

1. First Stage

Start the game, and understand the basics from the tutorials. You must leave the first island and go to the second island. On the second island, your main objective is to achieve stone improvement. If you plan to move to the third island and then to the fourth island, you must clear a few portals and construct the lighthouse.

On the fourth island, you’ll unlock the iron improvement that will enable you to fight Greeds on every island. After that, it’s your preference to annihilate the cliff portals on every island. Until you clear, all 5 cliff portals be sure to use a catapult and explosive barrels to secure the Pyrotechnics trophy.

 You should receive the following trophies by the end of this stage:

  • Playing With Fire – You need to escape the cave while your crown is intact
  • Pyrotechnics – You need to set fire at 20 greeds with one barrel
  • The Student Is Now the Teacher – You need to destroy the portal with one squire
  • Beginning Of The Legend – You need to defeat Greeds on one island
  • Story Has Begun – You need to defeat Greeds on two island
  • Song Will Be Written – You need to defeat Greeds on three island
  • Legend Will Be Passed On – You need to defeat Greeds on four island
  • You Make Your Place In History – You need to defeat Greeds on five island
  • There Is No Greater Ruler Than You – You need to defeat Greeds five lands in a single reign

2. Second Stage

Now that you have eliminated the Greeds on every island you are free to deal with any achievements you may skip. Since the Greeds will no longer threaten you, you’ll have plenty of time to work on the trophies.

You should have these trophies by the end of this stage:

  • I Am The Equestrian – You need to tide four different mounts on the same island
  • Is A Hermit A Hermit If He Has friends? – You need to have four hermits on the same ship
  • I Have Many Towers! – You need to have 20 max towers on the same island
  • Their Savior – You need to revive an island after 200 days
  • Safe Passage – You need to have lighthouses on all five islands
  • Easter Island – You need to clear all trees on a single island
  • Never Gives Up – You need to retrieve your crown more than 300 times
  • A Journey Is Shared – You need to sail to another island 50 times in co-op mode

3. Third Stage

There may be some trophies at this point that you have obtained through your playthrough but you may also skip some. Launch a new game on a new save spot, and focus on getting the last trophies that remain. Most of them you will need to spend a couple of days in the game with a particular goal in mind that shouldn’t take a lot of time.

You should receive the following trophies by the end of this stage:

  • One Ruler Will Rule Them All – You will get this trophy if you have all other trophies
  • On the 1st Day – You need to recruit eight archers
  • On the 2nd Day – You need to get a free wall.
  • On the 3rd Day – You need to start your camp.
  • On the 4th Day – You need to hunt 40 or more rabbits.
  • By the 5th Day – You need to be without any kill at all.
  • On the 6th Day – You need to have more gold than you can carry.
  • On the 7th Day – You need to clear an acre of land.
  • By the 8th Day – You need to forge a Crown
  • On the 9th Day – You need to have a Gem
  • By the 10th Day – You need to destroy a portal.
  • Grandmaster of the Ocean – You need to sail away before the 6th day


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