Nier Automata Endings

Nier automata has got everything you expect from a role-playing action game. Starting from the slick combat, a twisted story that turns and makes you think a lot to the different of endings, this is indeed a damn good game.

Nier automata is an action adventure role-playing video game which is developed by PlatinumGames, and Square Enix publishes it. The game is a sequel of 2010’s video game Nier and is a spin-off of the Drakengard series video game. The feature that separates this video game from other games is that a lot of number endings. So, if you are interested in learning about all Nier automata endings, read through the article.

An Observation on Nier Automata Endings

Nier Automata has 26 endings which are pretty high in number. However, among all these 26 Endings only five endings are proper or significant endings for the game. These are the five main routes of the game; A, B, C, D and E. Ending A, B and C are the bulk of the endings which comes as main game proceeds. Ending C and D come later in the game as extras.

The optimum and final ending is the Ending E. However, you need to play through every previous ending if you want to access it.

There are other 21 alternative in-game endings for this game. However, most of these are not much significant, and some are only fun to achieve. These are endings can be accessed throughout the game at the various game point. You need to perform a specific action to achieve each of these endings.

List of All Nier Automata Endings

Have you played Nier Automata and finished it? Are you wondering how many endings in Nier automata? Well, Nier Automata has total 26 ends! Yes, you have heard right, it is 26! Although, some of the endings are just silly jokes and are not significant for the main story, while others are more significant and offer a different perspective to the main story.

For some end to come, you need to play the game for at least once or complete the previous ending to get them. You can consider this article as a Nier automata endings guide.To find Nier automata all endings read below;

Ending A  Flowers for Machines

Ending A Flowers for MachinesThis is the first ending of this game. Reaching this ending does not require anything special. Play the game and complete all the main quests. This ending after 2B finish 9S as 9s data is corrupted.

A route ends with a giant machine body slowly standing up while holds 2B in its hand

Ending B  Or Not To Be

Ending B Or Not To BeAfter finishing the first time, you have to save the game. Now, start from the cleared save file and play through the game again. Complete the main quests to achieve this ending. So, the prerequisite of this ending is to complete the at least for once.

Ending C  Meaningless Code

Ending C Meaningless CodeTo have this ending, load the game and play to end for the third time. In addition to completing quests you have to do one more thing. You have to choose A2 Nierto finish the final boss.

Ending D  Childhood’s End

Ending D Childhoods EndThis ending has two different versions. To achieve this ending, choose 9S to defeat the final boss in the third gameplay. In the text portion, you will have two options to choose from. One is “I’ll go with you,” and the other is “I’ll stay.” Selecting any of it will provide this ending, but the contents will be different in each version.

Ending E  The End of Yorha

Ending E The End of YorhaThis ending is a little bit critical. While viewing the ending C or D for one more time (You can jump directly thereby selecting chapter 17-09), when the credits appear, Pod 153 will prompt you for data check. If you accept, you will be prompted again after a short-time exchange between both Pods. If you accept again, it will state “wish for them to survive” to you, and it will allow you to play a mini shooting game. To unlock this ending (Ending E), you have to complete this mini-game.

It is noted that playing the mini-game is extremely hard. For this reason, if you die repeatedly, the game will prompt you asking if you need any help. The help will only appear if you are connected to a PSN network. If you are playing offline, you are all your own,

Ending F  Mission Failed

Ending F Mission FailedTo achieve this ending, you have to let the 9S die. In chapter 01-03_2,when the Engels knocks out 9S onto his back, you have to let the timer run out to fail the system repair. Now, you will receive Mission Failed (Ending F) ending.

Ending G  Hungry for Knowledge

Ending G Hungry for KnowledgeWhen you gain the control of 9S for the first time in Chapter 01-01_2, neglect the mission and go the crane to achieve this ending.

Ending H  A Mountain Too High

Ending H A Mountain Too HighTo achieve this ending, you have to abandon the missile by neglecting the order to intercept the Goliath’s attack. Take the path to the amusement park from Pascal’s village, and you will quickly achieve this ending.

Ending I  No I in Team

Ending I No I in TeamIt is easier to achieve this ending. Defeat the boss in the Copied city in the Chapter 08-01_2. Now, just run away from 9S to accomplish the Ending I. The game will ends with the ending credits “9S waited several decades for 2B to return. ..But she was never seen again.”

Ending J  Bad Judgement

Ending J Bad JudgementYou can achieve this ending in Chapter 09-01_3. At first, enter the factory to meet the machines. Now, kill any of the machines to obtain this ending.

Ending K  AjiWoKutta

Ending K Aji Wo Kutta 1In the Chapter 06-01, after reporting to the commander, you will have an email with the tittle “Jackass: Fish.” Meet with her at the Desert Camp and obtain the Mackerel Fish item. You find this item in the “Caught Fish” menu. Now, eat (use) the fish to achieve this ending.

Ending L  Lone Wolf

Ending L Lone WolfYou can achieve this ending in two ways, either in Chapter 10-01_03 or Chapter 10-03. So, to achieve this ending, you can either left the Resistance camp when the attacks start or when the boss shows up, abandon Pascal’s village. Whatever way you choose the ending credits will always refer to leaving the Resistance Camp.

Ending M  Break Time

Ending M Break TimeYou can achieve this ending in chapter 14-03. When Pascal’s village is under attack while playing as A2, do not go there. Instead run to the Factory, Amusement Park or Resistance Camp to achieve this ending.

Ending N  No Man’s Village

Ending N No Man's VillageThis ending can be done in many times. However, doing this in Chapter 07-01 is the easiest. While playing this chapter destroy every machine in Pascal’s village, and you achieve the ending of No Man’s Village.

Ending O  Just You and Me

Ending O Just You and MeThis ending can also be achieved in two ways, one in Chapter 11-03 and other is in 11-04. In the chapter 11-03, run back to the factory instead of proceeding towards to the city ruins. In chapter 11-04, when the EMP downs Nier automata 2B, do not hack into him. Instead of hack other YorHa units until the mission fails. Or you can walk away.

Ending P  Corruption

Ending P CorruptionOn your third playthrough, let 2B Nierdie from the virus. You can achieve this ending more quickly by moving towards to the objective marker and stopping before or on the bridge that leads to the commercial facility. The percentage of the infection will jump up as you will be near your goal because of suspense.

Ending Q  Questionable Actions

This ending can be achieved in the Chapter 11-07. To reach this ending in chapter 11-07, do not head for the commercial facility where 2B is located. Instead, go back to the Resistance Camp or run to the desert area. The purpose is to losing 2B while playing as 9S.

Ending R  Maverick

Ending R MaverickIn chapter 14-05, attack the peaceful robots near Pascal to trigger this ending. The children can also make this ending by going berserk in the room.

Ending S  City Escape

This ending can be triggered in the chapter 17-01. When trying to gain access to the Tower, abandon both Devola and Papola if they attempt to protect you.

Ending T  Fatal Error

Ending T Fatal ErrorThis is the easiest ending to trigger. Remove the Operating System (OS) chip, and you will achieve this ending.

Ending U  Debunked

Ending U DebunkedWhile playing Chapter 06-01, self-destruct when you are in the bunker. You can achieve this ending other times also. However, choosing this chapter is quick and easy to trigger this ending.

Ending V  Reckless Bravery

You can access, this ending while trying to gain access to the Tower in the chapter 17-01. While playing this chapter, do not hack the Tower while trying to gain access. Instead, fight along with Devola and Papola. You can also stand and watch them fighting to trigger this ending.

Ending W  Broken Wings

You can trigger this ending in the early 01-01_1 chapter. Get yourself killed in the prologue by a giant laser/Die when 2B flies to the Factory.

This will take time because of the healing effects. So, if you want to trigger this ending, unequipany defense/healing chip before selecting the chapter. If you do so, you will die as soon as you will not be able to change chips when you are in the flight sections.

Ending X  Time to Relax

Ending X Time to RelaxYou can have this ending while playing the chapter 11-06. As 2B is virus infected, the game will switch control to A2 after arriving at the commercial facility. Run away without helping to get this ending.

Ending Y  Heady Battle

Ending Y Heady BattleTo get this ending, you have to play through the “Emil’s Determination” mission. At the end of this mission make sure Emil self-destructs. You have to upgrade every weapon to the maximum capabilities to make sure this event to occur.

Ending Z  Over Zealous

Ending Z Over ZealousThis particular ending can happen in the 14-01 chapter. When leaving the desert, you will encounter Pascal outside the Resistance Camp. Now, instead of sparing him, murder him to trigger this ending.

These are all 26 endings of the video game Nier Automata. To achieve all of these endings you have played through the game and need to finish the game several times. Although all of the endings are not highly significant for the game, some are.


Like all other great action role-playing game, Nier Automata is full of action, death, and mystery. What differentiates Nier Automata form other games is that Nier Automata offers a massive number of endings. Every Nier automata ending has its own time and can be triggered by specific actions. So, you have to play the game several times to see all alternative endings.

I believe you have now the answer for the question “Nier automata how many endings?” Reading this article, I also believe you have got sufficient knowledge of every possible ending of Nier Automata. You can contact us if need more information. Happy Gaming!


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