Persona 5 Walkthrough

After a seems like an eternity, the subsequent game into the Persona series has finally arrived. It’s a delight to many Persona fans, and this game offers the same eccentric experience of a Japanese student’s daily life and has combined the unique blend of traveling through alternative dimensions in order to battle against mystic creatures. It’s truly overwhelming for many players, which is why you must go through the complete Persona 5 walkthrough to get at least an idea of what’s happening.

The adventure through the storyline of Persona 5 is a huge one, especially considering the fact that you’ll be continually facing difficult choices and decisions that’ll decide the game’s future outcome.

In our Persona 5 walkthrough, we will be helping you to get a complete knowledge about everything that you’ll be facing. To be specific, what you should look out for. Above all, which social interactions and side activities you may perform all throughout the year. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the Persona 5 walkthrough!

The Starting Scene

When you will start the game subsequently, you’ll find yourself in a casino where you will be facing an array of different enemies. However, this scene is just to make you learn the basics of the game, including the game mechanics and combat. By following the instructions, you’ll be able to jump up and down the platforms. This is a one-way path, so you don’t need to of losing yourself in the ever-changing world of Persona 5.

Sequences of the scene

First Battle

First, the battle you’ll encounter is the start of your Persona training session. You’ll have to use your abilities and other attacks to take down the enemy. Don’t worry if you’re unable to take the enemy down, you’ll have ample opportunities for development of your combat strategy.

Heading toward the stair

As soon as you finish the fight, you must head right towards the stair in the exit area behind you. By following the path, you will reach a door and you must pass through the door. You must take a right and then you’ll find a guard standing right in front of you. This is when you must sneak past the guard to reach the stairs. As a result, you will go to the next area.

Dialogue Option

Once you’re running to the next area, you’ll find out that the guards are following you. You need to save yourself from them. With this in mind, you must jump onto the other side. This is when the guards will catch (don’t worry, it’s a part of the story) and put you into jail. After this scene, you will be getting the first set of dialogue options. These dialogues won’t give you any stat bonuses, which means that you can select whatever you want it doesn’t matter.

Onscreen Prompt

Afterward, there will be an onscreen prompt which will ask you to choose the difficulty mode. However, you need to choose the easy or safe difficulty at first. You can change it anytime afterward.


Meanwhile, you’ve selected the difficulty, you need to sign your name (give yourself a name). In addition, after giving yourself a name, Niijima from the Prosecutors office will interrogate you. She’ll want to know about your past, and you’ll be set into what you’ve done in the past. This leads you to go into the incidents in the past and what happened to the lady arguing with the man. In the next cutscene, you’ll see a mysterious app come up onto the phone and a mysterious creature will be looking at you.

Sojiro Sakura’s residence

Sojiro SakuraG_Ts residenceIn the next cutscene, you’ll be put into Yongen-Jaya platform where you’ll have to find out Sojiro Sakura’s residence only to find that he’s in his cafe. On your way, you’ll meet different people and will have to converse with them. Next, you will have to find your way to Sojiro Sakura’s cafe. Here you’ll find him and he’ll show you the way into the attic where you’ll be staying for the whole year. He informs you that you’ve been put into a probationary period for protecting the lady from the torturous man. This is the place where your story will start.

You’ll have to at first clean the area, and then Sojiro Sakura will come and will be amazed at your work. He will then ask you to go to sleep. Your character, too, will feel sleepy and lie down in the bed. This is when his eyelids will be heavy and will sleep. In his sleep, he sees a bad dream that changes everything once and for all. This is how Persona 5 starts.

Persona 5 Timeline

Timeline for Persona 5For people who are accustomed to the Persona series, they should know that time plays a significant impact on the timeline of the whole story. The story of Persona 5 is, too, divided into the months of the year and it has a slow and steady flow of characters and storyline that goes with it. You’ll be relying on the following months in the story:

  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January to March

Persona 5 Places

Palaces in Persona 5Apart from the distinctive storyline, Persona 5 is known to have some of the exceptional dungeons and unique base of palaces. The palaces you’ll encounter are:

  • First Palace
  • Second Palace
  • Third Palace
  • Fourth Palace
  • Fifth Palace
  • Sixth Palace
  • Seventh Palace
  • Final Palace

Confidant system in Persona 5

Confidant system in Person 5

Apart from the intriguing plot and deep combat mechanisms, Persona 5 is very well known for its Confidant system, which was previously known as the Social Links. This system allowed players to interact with other characters all around Tokyo. The players can learn the stories, switch out party members in the middle of a battle or turning around a dire situation.

There are many confidants in Persona 5, each having distinct personalities. This is why you must know Persona 5 max confidant walkthrough before you try to know which responses will be the most effective towards each Persona 5 confidant. This will ensure that you’ll cruise through them and can level them very quickly. You must note that you must have the corresponding Tarot card in your arsenal for looking into the values. You’ll find the following confidants in the game:

  • Chariot
  • Death
  • Devil
  • Emperor
  • Empress
  • Fool
  • Fortune
  • Hanged man
  • Hermit
  • Hierophant
  • Judgment
  • Justice
  • Lovers
  • Magician
  • Moon
  • Priestess
  • Star
  • Strength
  • Sun
  • Temperance
  • Tower

Tips to Remember Before Playing Persona 5

When running through the alleyways of Tokyo, there are quite a few tips and tricks that you must follow. Before you do, however, be sure to know about the Persona 5 Shido palace walkthrough and Persona 5 casino walkthrough to get a headstart in the game. Then, you must follow the tips discussed below:

  • Always listen to Morgana
  • Strike First
  • Observe your enemies
  • Have designated roles
  • Beware of the timer
  • Spend time with Ryuji
  • Spend time with other confidants
  • Possess a book
  • Keep your room clean


The Persona game series is renowned for the intriguing plot and deep combat mechanisms. In short, the long-awaited Persona 5 has everything that a veteran in this game wishes for. To illustrate, Persona 5 has a distinctive storyline maneuvering all throughout Tokyo and other places. You’ll have to jump back and forth through time to get a vague idea of what’s happening and in the next moment you’ll be put into another precarious situation. This is indeed something that you’ll love.

In Persona 5, you’ll have to endure a lot of stories to get to the fight scenes, which is why you must know the Persona 5 100% walkthrough in order to cruise through the story very easily. It is also essential to complete the story and upgrade your confidants within a very little time. We hope that our Persona 5 walkthrough has helped you. Write to us if you have any suggestions or queries.


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