Shower Pan Vs Tile

A shower pan is a waterproof barrier on which you take shower and the pan will drain off the water while keeping the other area of the bathroom dry. It’s a safer option for a family with old age members. It prevents falls so there’s the least risk for bathroom related accidents. Each and every shower pans are designed slightly slope so all your shower water can be rolled down and drained out fast. These pans are usually made from acrylic, metal, stone, ceramic or fiberglass. What is a shower tile? Sorry but i don’t think there’s any tile suitable to call a shower tile. Because none of the tile is completely waterproof though there’s some tile constructed from ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass that you can consider to use while making your bathroom, for the shower area.

It’s really tough to decide bathroom materials because once you install them, you can’t even think of changing it anytime soon. These things are too complicated to change very often. So you should learn about the pros and cons of every bathroom material before investing in a wrong one.

I will list down some comparisons between a shower pan and shower tile. Then you can decide which one you should go for your new bathroom or bathroom remodeling. Let us jump right in!

Slip Resistance: Shower pans are not as slick as tiles so they are more slip resistant than most tiles. Also Shower pans have better drainage systems which is why shower pans dry out faster. Shower tiles can’t  drain out the water as fast so it’s not as slip resistant as a shower pan. A shower pan is a great option if you have older family members or kids who need more safety.

Faster Installation: A shower pan installation takes very less time than installing a tile shower. A shower pan can be installed within a day if there’s no other plumbing issues. On the other hand installing shower tile can be a lot of time consuming. There’s many shower pans available that come in ready to install. So there’s not much stuff to do.

Easier Maintenance: It’s very easy to maintain a shower pan. Shower pans typically have a structure underneath that helps the drainage system to drain out the water. If it gets any leakage underneath then it can be fixed with proper sealing. But shower tiles are very tough to maintain. There are grouts between two tiles which are too tough to clean. To add more trouble, these small spaces become stained easily with chemical cleaning products. You can’t change the whole system more often so you have to bear these stains for a longer time.

More Customization: Shower pans come in different sizes, shapes which gives you more options to choose from. On the other hand, showered tiles don’t have much designs or shapes available for you. Shower pans can be designed with low step or no step barrier. You can select where to place the drain for a shower pan.

Expenses: You can’t have the whole bathroom made in shower pan. Shower pan covers only the area where showers are taken. The rest places have to be covered with tile or marble. Now it makes it more complex and expensive. But if you want the shower area done with tile then you don’t have to go for much variety which will not cost you much.

Popularity: A shower pan has more demand than a tiled shower. It’s because a shower pan gives the bathroom a modern look which a showered tile doesn’t. Also a shower pan gives more comfort while bathing. It’s safer for elderly family members and kids. All these things make the shower pan more popular than a showered tile.

I would decide to go with the shower pan rather than a showered tile. The first reason is going to be safety. Also it has more designs and sizes. It gives your bathroom a modern touch. On the other hand, shower tiles are not 100% waterproof so bathroom injuries are common with it. Maintenance isn’t easy and doesn’t have much variety in designs and sizes. So my choice is going to be definitely the shower pan like most other people.


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