Tales of Zestiria

With a fresh rating of 73%, the tales of Zestiria is definitely one of the most hyped games in recent history. With stunning visuals, in-depth character development and quick action sequences, it has quickly gained popularity and people have been loving the game from the very beginning. Most players feel like they transcended in a whole another dimension with the help of this game.

The developer of Zestiria wanted the game to be more than just another action role-playing game. That’s why they embedded philosophical attributes in each so the character so that they feel more humane. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find the game very captivating.  We are here to make sure that you are ready for this epic adventure.


Zestiria has been long into the development arena. The developer formulated the story long ago but was waiting for the right kind of graphics to make this masterpiece. It is the fifteenth edition in the Tales series and it takes you to the core of the game in the Japanese anime entrance way.

The developers wanted the series to have a mix of the modernized theme as well as a historical feel. That is why the story has so intense coordination. The term Zestiria refers to the Zest of each character. In the series, each of the characters has their own beliefs and their own sets of works that they want to accomplish. That’s why each of the game has different designs. The principle coding started at the end of 2011 and the game went into the pilot mode in early 2005.

Game Settings

settingThe story of Zestiria revolves around an ancient place named Glenwood. There is two major part of the place which is in a constant battle with each other. They want to prevail over the world of Glenwood but neither one is succeeding. But meanwhile, the whole arena is in chaos and pain. The pain ultimately causes the mutation of the monstrous being who is ready to bring havoc to the world.

Now, the main character must join forces to come to a settlement and bring a stop to the endless world. But there is a twist, each of the characters has their own ideology and own mind so you need to balance your deeds with the nature of those characters. The Gameplay is not all about action but also about understanding the characters and what they would do in a certain situation. The Hellion or the pain spirit is getting stronger and stronger every day and the heroes must take care of their personal feelings and fight the war for good at the same time.

Requirements To Play The Game

requirementsThe Tales of Zestiria was a perfect design for PlayStation. Players can play the game on the PlayStation 3 and were later available for PlayStation 4 as well. Obviously, there was some developed version that made it playable in the earlier versions as well. But, if you have an old version PC then you’d need the following setups. Your CPU needs to be Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Gh or equivalent in the other platform. It is good to have some great animation card support and graphics support.

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200 or anything newer would do fine. Your CPU Speed needs to be up to date or else the online version of the game would suffer very badly. The minimum ram requirement to play the game is 1 GB but I’d suggest getting something speedier.  The operating system Windows Vista 32/64 bit is the last version that you’d need if you want to play this game. Please have a Video Card attached or embedded with your PC if you want to encourage the stunning visual that this PC offers. Last but not the least, please have a lease the Free Disk Space of 12 GB in your PC in order to properly run and play this game.

Secret Boss Locations in Tales of Zesteria

secret bosses

  • You will meet Ammit at level 80 who will beat you blue if you are unprepared. You’ll meet him in the Artorius’ Throne (Dungeon).
  • Angel might sound innocent but this is undoubtedly one of the strongest side bosses that you’ll ever find. He is waiting for you in the Mabinogio Ruins (Dungeon).
  • Orc Kong is a typical side boss and the only side boss in the game which feels like a rip-off. He is Located in Dumnonia Museum (Dungeon)
  • Phantom is less of a villain and more of an anti-hero. You’ll fall in love with the character development of this person whose location is at Lakehaven Heights (Field).
  • Pill Bug is a side boss that will gross you out with its signature move. Stay away from its grip which is located in Trizolde Cave (Dungeon)
  • Serket is a menacing side boss who can be unpredictable in the game. He is Located in Gaferis Ruins (Dungeon).
  • Spider Queen is definitely a strong female boss in the game and her looks intimidate most of the players. She is Located in Aifread’s Hunting Ground (Field).
  • Trickstar is probably one of the hardest optional bosses in the game. His Location is in Lefay, Shrine of the Water Trial (Dungeon).
  • Titan is another strong and enjoyable character who is Located in Lhitwerg Woods.

List of Characters

character list


Sorey is one of the most prominent and powerful characters in the game. Although he is human, Seraphim raised him from the very beginning. It allows him to ultimately communicate with the species. He has the ability to turn bad spirit into good ones. The developer made sure that Sorey feels more accepted and relatable by most people. He acts as the moral compass and a genuine powerhouse in the game.


Mikleo is the complete opposite of Sorey and that’s why their friendship is so unique. This character’s power comes from the spirit of water and that’s why he is able to manipulate water with such ease. He is a master of the Water art and the earth art. He is a calmer version of Sorey and has a lot of fan followings.


Rose is the ultimate beauty with a beat. Her enchanting appearance is sure to captivate the player yet her twin dagger fighting style will keep them entertained. Rose poses powers that are similar to Sorey but those powers lay dominant for most of her life until she meets Sorey. She is capable of transforming energy and is so much smart and stronger than her appearance suggests.

Alisha Diphdal

Alisha Diphdal is not your average princess. She forbids her Kingdom to look for a more honorable life as a knight. Although she is portrayed as a very weak character in the beginning, Alisha slowly gains more and more power through the game. Probably,  she is the one who gets the most intense character development and the players feel more connected to her story arc. Alisha gains the power to transform hellion as she takes a pact with Sorey. In the game, she has her own personal ideology which is something really extraordinary.


Lailah is probably the most powerful fire art user in the game. She acts as a tutor for the titular characters and serves as a great alternative in battles. Her design is particularly praised by the designers who think that is original and exciting. Lailah has a lot of control over the fire elements and she also becomes the sub-Lord of other gaming characters. She ultimately joins the pact and goes in the quest to save the world.


Edna is the ultimate conflicting character. Although her heart is in the right place, Edna wants to be the strongest Earth art master. She can manipulate the core of the earth element and use it as her weapon. Her character is particularly conflicting as she has immense hatred for humans at the same time she is extremely passionate. This puts her in a very fragile stage in the whole game.


Dezel is the master of the wind and can summon and control the wind as he pleases. The action sequences that are given to this character is particularly praised by the players. They think that the wind elements and the related actions are more perfected than any other moves. Dezel’s only downside is his temper. After a friend was killed by a hellion, he got very revengeful. This ultimately blurs his judgment about the good and the bad.

Fans’ Theory Surrounding the Game

fan theoryThere are some fan theories surrounding the Tales of Zestiria series. Some of them are really quite interesting.  Let’s have a look at the most widely accepted ones by other fans;

The first Theory suggests that the summoner that you have a fight with at the prison is one of the most important figures. He is the one who keeps track of all the celestial record that is about to take place in the near future. The second Theory suggests that all of the events in the land of Glenwood is inside Sorey’s head. Sorey is in a never-ending sleep and all of these quests are taking place inside his head.

Last but not least, a popular fan Theory suggests that Artorius wanted to create the strongest demon in the realm. That’s why he created the Demonblight. But, he needed the sacrifice of an innocent soul. So, he kidnapped Velvet’s sister and sacrificed her to create the demon.

Interesting Facts about the Tales of Zestiria

Sorey was not supposed to be the main character of the series. The developers though to bring a female protagonist in the story arc but they later changed their decision in the process.

The Tales of Zestiria won all of the major gaming awards in 2015. It was also mentioned in the hall of fame. The linear motion battle strategy was first proposed by the key developer. He wanted the player to have more control over the character. It was sacked at a time but then brought back to life again. The collector’s edition for the game has more in-depth storytelling than the primary version. Plus, it has more hidden bosses and hidden stages than the other version.

The series based on the game has more fan following. It has more stunning and gripping storyline that attracts both young adults and adults at the same time making it a unique anime series.

Critical Reception of the Game

criticalThe game currently has a 72% rating on Metacritic. People praise the storytelling mode of the game but many complain that the story arc might be too long. The in-depth character development is also something that the critics love. The actions gained a big audience approval for being unique than most other gaming series.

The jewel of the game is definitely its combination of character mix and their unique arc. They do not fit the typical hero guide and that’s what made the game so much interesting. The praise this complex building of each character. The game won all the major award at the gaming award ceremony.

Impacts of the game on Pop Cultures

The game had a huge cultural impact, particularly in Japan. The game series gained a lot of fan following and finally got a series of its own named Tales of Zestiria: Dawn of the Shepherd. The series was made to take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

The major impact that it had was in the cosplay. People saw a lot of cosplayer attending the function dressed as the characters from the Zestiria. The particularly favored rose or Sorey but other characters also came into a display. There is a ton of manga based on the game that is readily available online. These are mostly fan-made who designed the characters based on their own perception. There is a buzz going on about a probable movie.


Tales of Zestiria is a one of a kind RPG game. It has a big fan base and it is only going to get bigger as each new addition like X and Z are going to take place. The characters and the gameplay are both top notch. The story might be a bit too long but it won’t bother you once you truly get inside this story arc.

That is all we had on the Tales of Zestiria. Hope you have enjoyed learning about this game and we suggest you give this game a try. That’s all from us, be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions to ask.


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