The Room Three is the third sequel to The Room Puzzle Series and is severely motivated by the classic Myst series and its different prequels. The series is created by Fireproof Games, where you move through a mysterious castle containing a series of challenges modeled by The Craftsman. In The Room Three, you’re in a train, uncertain where you’re heading. Without notice, a shadowy figure appears for a moment and then vanishes to leave a mysterious box in front of you. When you solve the puzzle, you will be taken to the primary location of the game: a castle on an unknown island. Here you learn about a new character, The Craftsman, through more mysterious notes spread around, and are confronted to retrieve five pyramid artifacts to acquire the secrets of the Null Element. The craftsman continues his attempts to solve this riddle and you are immediately drawn into his/her plan whether you like it or not.

The Room Three Walkthrough Guide: 5 Chapters

Below you’ll find a detailed The Room 3 walkthrough and guide to help you overcome the numerous puzzles and reveal this game’s hidden endings:

1. The Proposition


The game starts on the train. Click on the diary, then the box, take the key, and finally the briefcase. Open the briefcase to obtain your eyeglass, then use it while inspecting the puzzle box. Solve the riddle and put a key in the keyhole to expose an engraved pyramid. Take it, upon which you’ll be taken to a parallel dimension. Investigate the door in the front of you, and pull the lock away to grab something out of the table and analyze with your eyeglass to find three hints and solve the riddle.
When all the items are set, open the ornamental box that you discover using the mechanism to obtain a lens for your eyeglass. Activate the eyeglass once more and check the door lock. Pick the right lock and continue to room. Bring the engraved pyramid on the table to show an emblem. Put the emblem into the blank space and then line up each of the emblems to all the others. A hidden passageway will open after the puzzle has been resolved.
Check the fuse box in the next area, modifying the mechanism to trigger a near switch. Press the large switch by the glass, then the four smaller switches in the center of the room on the panel and the button in the middle of the device. Tweak the oscilloscope knobs on the desk to activate the next location and finish the chapter.

2. The Lighthouse


Investigate the stone on the ground to see the phrase “PYRE” inscribed on it, and a sphere below it to receive a magnet. Solve the bookshelf puzzle by typing the phrase PYRE. You will, therefore, obtain an engraved wooden arch and a wooden cogwheel.
To activate entrance, spin the cogwheel on the small structure. Equip your eyeglass and enter the structure where a snake is to be found. Activate your eyeglass with the triangular golden components, and search for the puzzle. Line up and take the component of the wooden structure. Remove the model clock face from the cabinet onto the other side of the tower. Investigate the two symbol sets, and line up the matching mechanisms.
Go back to the large tower and put the face of the model clock on it. Enter the clock tower using your eyeglass to locate an owl. Turn its head to locate a hull boat and place a piece of a wooden model and you will discover a key. Plug the key into the structure where you just put the model component on. Enter the building with your eyeglass, where the tower is almost fully constructed. Look at the scuba suit helmet and open its cabinet to get an antler. Take the acorn of metal and push the switch to get the fragment of the wooden model.
Go back to the table and put a piece of the wooden model into the big hole. Put the metal pointer back at the helmet on the left side of the helmet and touch the signs to line up what you see at the helmet’s front. Pick the helmet’s copper tap and put it into the segment at the lower right. There you’ll find a crystal vial and a skull.
Go to the stone circles and place the acorn of metal inside the tree canvas. Insert the antler on the appearing skull. Place the gemstone into the edge of the side tower and then take the lighted lantern. Turn the apparatus of the wheel into line with the metal wire. Investigate the interior and put the lighted lantern to power the apparatus and uncover another engraved pyramid, that will finish the chapter.

3. The Clocktower


Go back to the great hall and plug the engraved pyramid into the desk. The puzzle appears and you must solve it to create a gate. Go to the next room and click the switch by the window and then go back downstairs. Click the four levers on the tripod unit, then configure the oscilloscope. When done, you will activate a portal you must enter.
Investigate the box of gold and unlock it to gain a small pillar of metal. Attach the pillar and move the gold bar, then equip your eyeglass. Approach the mechanism to remove the metal ring and turn the wheel. Your goal for the puzzle is to make the upper section matched to the lower section. This will start shifting the wheels.
Open the small door and place the shaft of the crank onto the machine. Click the switch to expose another puzzle, and then pick the gears from the rear panel. Click on the knight for the next riddle and pick up all the opposing parts and use your eyeglass to enter the gate. Push each device to uncover another puzzle pattern Solve it, then press the switch and find a socket for the handle.
To open the door, use the handle and then go down into the basement. Activate your eyeglass and solve the riddle, then plug the winding key. On the other end of the room, collect the gem from the statue and place it into the puzzle. Then press the bottom-left switches until you construct a bird’s shadow and go upstairs.
To release a crow use the key on the green box in front of the birdcage. Go upstairs where the crow switches one of the bells, causing the vial to break in the basement. Go back to the basement, insert your hands onto the face of the clock to open another door. Activate it to trigger the bell toll, causing the vial to fall, giving you entry to the engraved pyramid. Take the pyramid to finish the Chapter 3.

4. The Workshop


Go back to the great hall and put the engraved pyramid on the table to create an optic device. Mount it on the wall, and spin the wheels, prompting the door. Go in and get the leather case from the desk, and unlock it to get the kindling. Examine the iron box to discover a puzzle with a gem. Solve it and take the cast of metal and put it into the steel control panel to obtain flint.
Plug the metal rod into the control panel, then push the weighted bag using buttons. Remove the chess piece from the workbench and bring the weighted bag back to the central room. To raise the saw, pull the lever and cut the bag to take the metal bar. Go to the forge and press the bellows till the coal is in the red zone to get a key. Investigate the right side of the box and plug the little connector. A puzzle will appear where you need to make the blocks to suit the correct shapes.
Grab the belt which appears on the floor and connect it to the gears on the desk. Remove the piece of chess and return to the main hall, and place both pieces of chess into the steel box. Make the appropriate key in the forge then use it to open a gem riddle. Use your eyeglass to move the block till the red gem is released, then take it. Put the red gem into the upper edge of the steel box and then make the appropriate key in the forge. Place it into the keyhole to pick the polished metal.
Visit the printing room that activates and remove the piece of wood from the wall, and put it in the steel hold on the desk to shape it into a smooth piece of wood. Start the device and use the eyeglass to study the camshaft’s blueprint. Place the camshaft into the mechanical arm in the main hall until it releases its hand. Take the mysterious key, place it in the steel box and rotate it, after which an engraved pyramid appears. Take the pyramid to finish the Chapter 4.

5. The Observatory


Go back to the main room and place the engraved pyramid on the desk. To discover a hidden path, take the book to the library and drop it onto the desk. Take the screwdriver from the table, then return to the Chapter 1 puzzle room and detach the oscilloscope plate and take the electrical part.
Go back to the previous oscilloscope and place the electrical part in it triggering the appearance of a new door. Click the switch in the next section, then use the tabs to shape the phrase “Draco the Dragon.” Remove the crystal star and hang it on the wall, then remove the parchment scrap and the lens that appears on the telescope. To make an astrological sign adjust the selected signs. Leave to the following room and put the large steel handle on the wheel. View the map and check the glittering green glass. Unlock the bottom section of the pedestal to obtain a small gear.
Go back to the hall, then hit the button to drop the entrance gate. Position the big gear on the lower left socket and rotate the handle to discover another gear. Take the gear and then move the gold frame to the right at the lower left. Pick the wide handle, which appears, and place it on the nearest pedestal. Switch it over, and take the orb.
Connect the orb with a plug, and adjust the parts until a lens cover is revealed. Use your eyeglasses and enter the appearing door. Approach the platform and rotate the handles in the counter-clockwise direction after which the chandelier will drop. Go to the second room of the observatory and put the carving of stone inside the desk to expose a puzzle. Slide the parts around, and some sort of game will appear once all parts have been identified. Grab the appearing orb and go to the courtyard and place it where the planet’s missing. Line up the two levers then pull down the top lever, allowing the planet to start orbiting. Tap on the switch and grab the engraved pyramid to finish the Chapter 5.


This game has four unique endings. The first ending is straightforward, but the other three endings need some additional work. If you want to complete all endings at once, finish Chapter 5, but don’t put the final pyramid on the desk yet, because you will activate the first ending and you will have no access to all endings with just one save. Follow all the planning steps below, after which you can save the gameplay and then trigger each ending one by one.

1. Tower Puzzle

When you have all the objects, go to the main hall where the engraved pyramids are inserted. Attach the last engraved pyramid to obtain the Key of The Craftsman, then go through the door that shows up to confront the Puzzle of the Tower.
Plug The Craftsman’s key into the edge of the “hut” to complete the puzzle, then grab the metal ring and plug it onto the front of the gold box. Switch the ring, then use your eyeglass to enter. To get the puzzle start to move, push the mirror close to the gold box. To open a keyhole, push the mirror behind it to the right and get inside. Press the correct switch until all the beams of light point to the red crystal where a door appears.
Once the tower puzzle has been solved, what you do next will determine which ending you’ll get. After you have reached a particular ending, you can select the option “Change Your Fate” from the main menu, which will grant you to try another ending.

2. Imprisoned

Just walk right through the door. You are on the train that you begin on. Study The Craftsman’s final letter to discover that you have been imprisoned all this time and will be there forever.

3. Escape

Finish the tower puzzle again, however this time, before reaching the door that appears, put the first strange artifact into the gold box at left. Switch the appearing ring and access it using your eyeglass. Hit the button on top of the strange artifact and switch the train door to something like a wooden door and go through them. You’ll escape in a ship from this location as tentacles reach out and almost kill you. Mysterious castle crumbles on the ground as you leave, and a journal entry appears to indicate whether the place ever existed or not.

4. Release

Resolve the puzzle of the tower, but now place the second mystery artifact in the gold box before you enter the door. Equip your eyeglass to discover gem puzzle, then enter via a hole.
The secret with this puzzle is to fully focus on four of the streams pointing in one direction rather than in the direction of the crystal. When solved, click on the top button to swap the train door for another wooden door you must enter. This ending is the same as Escape’s ending, but the tentacles are in the sky and a message is suggesting that something is out there that is going to affect everyone.

5. Lost

Solve the riddle of the tower again, but put the second mystery object in the gold box on the right side. Look at the back panel in the top right corner of the mysterious object to use the screwdriver to remove a lens. Go back to the other end and solve the riddle as described before.
Then drop the first mystery object into the gold box on the right and solve the riddle, after which a glittering door appears. This conclusion is much fuzzier than the others and has several hypotheses behind it, but what is obvious is that you are on Mars.


This game features 10 accomplishments You must finish the game and see all its endings in order to acquire them. The accomplishments are:

Proposition AcceptedFinish 1st Chapter, ‘The Proposition’
Light the PyreFinish 2nd Chapter, ‘The Lighthouse’
Midnight StrikesFinish 3rd Chapter, ‘The Clock Tower’
Infernal MachineryFinish 4th Chapter, ‘The Workshop’
The Stars AlignFinish 5th Chapter, ‘The Observatory’
Box Within A BoxFinish the game with the ‘Imprisoned’ ending
FreedomFinish the game with the ‘Escaped’ ending
ReleaseFinish the game with the ‘Released’ ending
ExileFinish the game with the ‘Lost’ ending
Fate ChangerYou must see every ending in the game


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